If you know anyone who has just bought or acquired a new dog - Mike is a great resource for them to help their pet be a great well behaved companion.


Below are some quotes from past clients. You can also check out our 5 star reputation on Yelp or our Facebook page too!

I cannot thank  you enough for helping us with Shya LaWoof!  She has become such a well behaved puppy. :) She listens and learns quickly.


I would like to thank you for helping us on Sunday.  It was nothing short of amazing!!! We have worked with the dogs every night and they seem to be responding well...still can't believe it!


Thank you again for coming to train Cash yesterday. Already we're seeing great improvement!


Diego and I did our homework this morning and what a success! It's amazing! We encountered a rabbit dashing across our path and he was aware of it but did not bolt. Then we saw a dog and again Diego just looked towards the dog but did not bark or lunge. He followed my lead beautifully as we walked and stopped when I stopped. He truly seems to understand what he is supposed to do. And I was much more relaxed and comfortable being out with him. 


My life has just changed dramatically for the 
better. Thank you!

Testimonials for The K9 Mentor in Home Dog Training


Mop and Chewie are pooped after one great training session with Mike. Rediscovering they are not the alphas in the house took a major load off these puppies and they are taking a much needed rest as mere civilians!


The K9 Mentor in Home Dog Training

I have to tell you that your suggestions have made a world of difference! Potty problems have really improved. Tuffy gets it!  All of our dogs are better on the leash and walks are much more pleasant. I've told friends about you and would tell anyone that your common sense approach works.

​-Nancy and Doug

I'm happy to report that the training you provided last week was really effective. Lucy's a changed dog and has been really great since you came over! 


This was my first dog training experience and it was fantastic!  I will tell all of my friends who are dog owners about The K9 Mentor!


I can't say enough great things about Mike Cruz - The K9 Mentor. He is fantastic. Mike has taught us the basics as well as some advanced methods for training our Golden Retriever puppy. We have all learned so much from him. His training methods really work and our easy to do ourselves. I would recommend Mike to anyone whether they have a puppy or a mature dog. He really knows his stuff.


We're just checking in to let you know how great Max is doing thanks to your wonderful training program!! We mastered the Alpha Walk in less than a week and he's completely leash and potty trained!!! You and the program ROCK!!! 

-Laura and Jim

The K9 MentorSM In Home Dog Training

Thank you for the session on 
Monday.  The dogs are really
changed in just one day!  A
bark, then stop when told


Thank you again for your help. We are already seeing a huge change in both dogs after just 24 hours!  Took Indy for a walk this morning and it was night and day. And regarding our cat, it only took a very minor correction and within 2 minutes my wife was petting both of them at the exact same time!
The dogs are doing great - They have better manners and the barking has gotten a lot better. No doubt that your training was a success and we were very happy to have had your help. Your training was definitely worth it!


I greatly appreciated your services when I brought home my Beagle / Boston Mix puppy in July.  Sam is almost 8 months old now and I have been thrilled with his progression and companionship!


Thanks for the training this morning, it was really tremendous to see how much Toffee changed in response to the training.  I'm happy to say I just took her on an Alpha walk and she was amazing. I did walk her right in front of a couple of young kids playing in their yard (just about 5 feet away) and she just walked past!


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Thank you for all of your help with our little puppy, Hannah. She is doing great with her leash and potty training and it's all thanks to you. You've shown us just what to do and it is working.


After the first session with you, my challenging puppy who couldn't walk or calm down was dramatically improved! I was able, for the first time in over a year, to have a nice walk without being pulled or dragged. What a relief and a miracle! 


Thanks for our lesson last Saturday.  We learned so much from you!  Annie and Jack are doing awesome - Even where ​we can take them on a walk at the same time now!


We found the session with you to be very informative and useful!  Buddy seems to intuitively know that "the gig is up" and that he is no longer the alpha dog.  He does seem happier now.  We think that your service has provided us with just what we needed to get a handle on Buddy's behavior and insure his life long membership in our family.

​-Margie and Bruce

What a difference in Gibson! He did really well this morning - I got to eat in peace. We did our practice walks this morning and tonight and he did great. We walked past several other dogs without a problem. Barking dogs did not affect him. He just kept walking!


YOU ARE AMAZING! I am loving my dogs so much right now! They are behaving! I never thought I'd see the day! Thank you for everything!


Everything you taught us this morning was very helpful. You were AWESOME and we really enjoyed working with you. THANK YOU!


 I would highly recommend The K9 Mentor to anyone that needs to have their dog buddies trained.

Things are going really, really well!  Both dogs are now getting along great and not showing aggression. 


Thanks for your awesome lesson today!!! We learned a lot, and she did great this afternoon when we took her out. 


We just had a fantastic dog training session with Mike Cruz. Our little enfant terrible learned so much in one day, and so did we! She's a new dog.
Thanks Mike!