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Based in Orange County, the K9 Mentor offers a no nonsense and easy approach to dog training. With 1 lesson, in your home, you will understand the way to become the leader of your dog and gain knowledge on how to effectively communicate.


Follow the rules of Structure, Leadership and Boundaries to make training easy. Treat your dog like a dog and he will treat you like a human. Dogs are more simple than you think so don't complicate it. 

A positive approach to teaching your dog on what you want and rewarding him when he offers those behaviors. Corrections are introduced when your dog does not follow your commands. Consistency is a key factor in getting the conditioned results. 

"If nothing changes then nothing changes"

1 lesson for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours at your home.

First, teaching you the rules of Structure, Leadership, and Boundaries and understanding how dogs learn.

Second we use hands on techniques with your dog to show how it works. Leash pressure, space, and hand signals

Finally the homework will provide the tools to follow through with training on your own at home.


YES, we have a GUARANTEE! 

We guarantee that we will train you and your dog, and that the techniques will work.

If you didn't get it all the 1st time your trainer will come back a 2nd time within 30 days of your original lesson and help you implement the techniques.

Owners have complete control of their results. They have to follow the plan and change the way they are communicating with their dog. Rewards + Corrections


$375  Puppy Lesson

(8 to 16 weeks old)  

Step by step, easy to follow instructions.

$545  Dog Training 

(4+ months old)

In Home for 2.5 to 3 hours. Owner and dog lesson. 

$950  Dog Training Package

2 training lessons within 60 days. Ideal for multiple dog households or difficult dogs.

$2,195  Board & Train 

3 weeks at the pet resort. Dog and people socialization. Behavior modification.